Thursday 1 July 2021

Stocking up and mindful writing

A few months ago I stocked up on more copies of Undertow, as I had almost depleted my supply. I can easily pop one in the post if you want to order one through this blog site, using PayPal. 

I also shouted myself a new journal last week, and it's so beautiful I almost don't want to write in it! 

I ran a workshop for the Women's Poetry Oasis in May. I guided participants in mindful writing exercises, including ones that focused on tuning into our different senses. We wrote poems using our senses of smell and hearing. I explained how tuning into our senses can be a way of grounding ourselves in the here and now as well as finding new potential and stimuli for our writing. Participants came up with some fabulous work - on the spot - including some very funny pieces in response to the scent of an orange and the sound of birds. It's always surprising what is produced and where you end up when you gather a group of poets together in one room. 

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