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From Undertow:

The home run

The weight fell off him quickly.
This latest deterioration took you by surprise. 
The gauntness emphasized big eyes 
that looked at you as though you were a wall.
His personality was preserved 
like apricots in jam on toast – chunks spread unevenly.
Good days became rare, then faded out.

You left him at the hospital each evening.
At home, cooking was a waste of time.
Unopened newspapers were dumped in the wood-basket
beside a fire that was too much trouble to light.
Family photos leered from the walls.
The nights presented loneliness
on a platter of porcelain pain
you wanted to smash.

He just wouldn’t move – his systems had given up.
Walking became an exercise in miracles –
such a joyful fuss if – with a Stedy and two physios – he stood.
When he lashed out at you,
bruising your jaw as you straightened his sheets,
you reeled.
Social workers could not have prepared you for the hurt –
to be hit by him – first time in sixty years.

As to a nursing home …
you questioned yourself, your family, god, the bureaucrats.
What was best?
Just when you had decided, he passed away.
You tried to burn your guilt
along with his soiled pyjamas in a backyard drum.
Not long after you’d lit the fire
rain came.

Bordeaux, New Year’s Eve

Tonight, in this strange town,
I asked five men directions.

The first did not know the place
and led his dog onwards, eyes smiling.

Suit-man couldn’t understand
my poor French pronunciation.

The third, standing by a taxi,
pointed, but still I couldn’t find.

The fourth, suspiciously helpful,
walked me

The fifth was old and drunk
and stepping from his flat.
His slurred commands got me there,
where I drank my beer, alone.

There is no moral to this story.


My lounge room is an outdoor Cuban disco.
In my lycra pyjamas
I swirl cocoa skin
and dark, lively eyes.

The Spanish lyrics paint me out
of the picture
but I gyrate around the frame,
hustled by the insistent beat.

Like a tourist dishing out dollars,
my knees bend,
my butt thrusts and the rhythm
plays my weight from side to side.

Hips seek the pleasure of rotation –  
my possessed pelvis
steers a wicked course
close to your crotch.

You sit there, sofa-stuck, watching –
vanilla-skinned, worry-eyed –  
like a painter
without a drop of paint.


The sunken couch cradles him.
He grips the remote

The baby,
the pot plant,
her gloss lipstick
                  all study him.

Doctors riddle him with diagnoses
but it is war
that goes on interviewing him each night.

He asks alcohol to counsel him
              but all each bottle does
              is prescribe another.

Photos of the launch of Undertow 


  1. Beautiful. Raw. Distinctive. Honest. Observant. Love it all.

  2. Amazing. To say so much with so few words. So insightful.

  3. Thank-you, it's great to get feedback when people enjoy my poetry.