Wednesday 26 May 2021

Poetry Stains

I finally managed to update the other parts of my blog, including adding a few photos in the "Photo Gallery" tab from my performances at The Tasmanian Poetry Festival in March this year, updating the "About Me" tab to include information about some more recent journal publications and my Australia Council grant project, and the "Poetry" tab with links to three more poems that you can find on the web. 

This includes my long stay-at-home-mum rant poem "Have you been doing any writing?" published in Communion and a  poem about a death of a mother (not my mother, but inspired by a dear friend's mother) titled "Tinned Pears and Dove Soap" which was read beautifully by Eugenia Fragos on ABC Radio National's Poetica. Despite that fantastic program sadly being axed, you can still listen to past episodes via their website. 

I also added a link to the poem I had published on the Bett Gallery website as part of the August 2013 Poets and Painters collaborative exhibition. The poem is titled "Things that make me happy" and it was accompanied by a very colourful and original artwork by renowned local artist (and also, coincidentally, an occupational therapist), Amanda Davies, which you can see below, titled Poetry Stain I and Poetry Stain II 2013, oil and enamel on board, which you can purchase for $1,000 - get in quick because it will be worth a hundred times that when I am a famous poet haha. 

That poem has been transformed and included in my verse novel, which I have loved working on over the past year (or should I say ten years :-)), which is a fictional story about infertility. More news on that to come, as well as an upcoming post about the Poetry Festival.

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