Sunday 9 September 2012

Comments on Undertow

"With Undertow, Susan Austin sets herself adrift on the current of her experience. Her poems capture moments of delight and sorrow with equal honesty, and her incisive language peels away the veneer of routine and expectation to reveal some astonishing truths. Austin is a masterful poetic conjurer, concealing profound emotional insights in the patterns of everyday living. She has perfected the art of drawing the simplest words into the service of her compelling revelations, and her book is an impressive debut achievement."

- Cameron Hindrum

"Susan Austin's poems penetrate to the core of the human condition: the dysfunctional, the erotic, the often unnoticed magic of the everyday.  Her perceptions are acute and originally presented, but what really stands out is the compassion which informs her celebration of the variousness of this world."

- Tim Thorne

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